Someone Tell Me How Do I Find My Purpose

how do i find my purpose

Find My Purpose…

Find my purpose and find your life or find Your purpose and find Your life…

Have you ever said to yourself you want to “I want to find my purpose”?

Well today let’s talk about how to “find my purpose”.
One of the great things about being an individual and having the freedom to choose, you can choose to read it or ignore it.Firstly lets understand that this is a Christian Blog and all of the articles here are written with a Christian perspective, we make no apologies for this, it is just the way it is.

That being said lets get into how you find my purpose. (I am saying find my purpose instead of find your purpose purely for SEO reasons, it seems that many more people type into google, find my purpose over find your purpose, so bare with me, if I didn’t write it like this, you wouldn’t have found it because Google wouldn’t have ranked it like

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To find my purpose we have to start with prayer, everything starts and ends with prayer and the influence of God. Obviously this is for the Christian believer, allow God to move in your life and through your thoughts and decisions and then watch what He does.

We can spend many years trying to find my purpose not realising that the answer has already been given.

I do not think that finding my purpose is actually meant to be some mystical thing that God wants to be difficult.

Remember that He loves you and wants the best for you, He has a plan for you so your purpose is going to be obvious and I would be so bold as to say you already know what it is.

For me personally I always knew what my purpose was, I just needed confirmation, but when I got the confirmation, I now ask myself why did I need it. God had it planted in my heart and I just needed to receive it and walk in it.

I have always wanted to lead and develop people, not just anyone, but leaders. Leaders who would impact the world and change society.

I was doing this through our business, however there were times I thought I needed to give it all up and go into full time ministry at the church, not realising that I was already in full time ministry in my business.

So ask yourself, do you REALLY think that God wants to make it difficult for you to find my purpose when He has a plan for you, of course not, He just wants you to choose and move. He will work through you, your strengths and your desires, and if you make a mistake, He is there with you and will forgive you when you stuff up and ask for forgiveness.
Be honest with yourself, own your desires you will see the truth. I am sure there are many gurus who will tell you different ways to find your purpose, but I believe in the simplest.

To find my purpose, look at what you love but also realise that what you are doing right now, the job or business, can be used to fulfil your purpose.

Just do it all to the Glory of God.

Your purpose in life is number 1, to worship and love God. It is through that worship and love that God can move and your life and the lives of everyone around you can be impacted.

So to find my purpose I just had to understand that God planted the desire in my heart, all I needed to do then was to work in that desire and build up my business alongside what I was doing so that I could do full-time what I wanted to do.

I do not suggest that you leave your job and be unwise with your decisions, God gave you wisdom, so use it.

Get a plan for your life and work towards your end goal.

Plan to do God’s will in that you do, but start with worshiping Him and you will receive great joy.

Also Check Out Vision Statement

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