The Start Of Your 90 – 60 – 30 Day Action Plan

90- 60- 30 day action planThe 90 – 60 – 30 day action plan day 1

Have you been wondering what you need to be doing to get started in your 90 – 60 – 30 day action plan? I know many people do, they want to start, but exactly where they start is the question.

As we start a brand new year, my team and I are focused on getting results and not just average results, but above average, life changing ones.

So we invite you on the journey with us, and I will give you regular updates on what we are doing and also what I suggest you need to do for your 90 – 60 – 30 day plan as well.

The first mistake of a 90 – 60 – massive action plan 30 day:

One of the big mistakes people make with their plan, is they think that planning should be included as the start, they think that if they spent a week planning etc, that that is a week of their plan. Not so…

Your plan happens before you start, you don’t spend valuable time planning what you are going to do and count that as part of your time. This is a waste.

We give our team a plan, they don’t need to think too much about it, they (including me) just need to act on the plan and because we are all working together, it makes it a whole lot more fun and bigger results.

Why are results bigger in your 90 day action plan when working with a team?

When you are working with a team, no one wants to be left behind. Remember that people react more to loss than they do to gain, so give them something to chase after, allow them to know what is happening around them and that activity is happening. The worst thing you can do is not tell your team that people are getting results. If people don’t hear something, they generally think the worst, this means they generally think that no one is working.

So find the smallest things to praise and edify and then keep building on that. Praise people who prospected their first person, people who get their first client or business partner. Praise is important and you will find that you will keep them going and ignite others in your team as well.

Where do you start for your 90 – 60 – 30 day action plan?

You have to start with what you want others to be doing…prospecting and recruiting.

So many meetings i have attended with other leaders, leaders who have

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their business sitting on idle and their teams not doing anything. They complain that their people do very little to no activity and blame their teams for the lack of growth. They say things like: “I am here to work with them, I tell them I will do 3 way calls, but they never do”. But if you ask the leaders (or people who used to be leaders) how many calls they personally have done, you will get a blank stare and see them sink down in their chairs because they have been doing nothing a well.

Remember you can not expect others to do what you are not doing yourself. Lead from the front so when you turn around you will see your team running with you. You can not lead from the rear. Your team will get disgruntled and look for someone they can follow, someone who they can respect and someone who they can run with. Not a “has been” or a “dictator”. Remember the word “leader” means you are out front, so be in the front with your team.


What do you think about what I just said about the 90 – 60 – 30 day action plan, let me know below…

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