Free Marketing Plan Template

Free Marketing Plan Template

Having a Marketing Plan Template is similar to my thoughts on having a “template for an action plan.

Free Marketing Plan Template

It is just taking down your thoughts, working on them and then deciding what type of activity you are going to put behind those thoughts…Then you have a Marketing Plan Template.

But if you want to be a little more detailed, then let me take you through the old analogy of understanding the “Funnel”.

To get your marketing plan template correct you need to understand these basics first: Continue reading “Free Marketing Plan Template”

What are action plans

what is an action plan

Have you ever wondered “What are action plans”?

For me, I used to hear them talked about by all the top managers in the companies I had worked for and then when I started working from home, I would hear trainers talking about action plans, butwhat is an action plan the questions always remained, What are action plans?

The question remained because no one gave me a simple explanation, everything seemed to be difficult, it was like all everyone who used action plans, were these elite minds or people who were detail fanatics, which definitely is not me.

Sure I like to have a target I am aiming for, however sitting down for weeks and sometimes months to dot every ‘i’ and cross ever ‘t’ are not me. (although is saying that, when it comes to BIG TASKS, that is exactly what I do, the more detailed you can become when working on any program the better result you will attain, just don’t get analysis

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So in my mind to answer the question about what are action plans, I will give you a simple answer:

They are a strategic document that helps you know what activity to take, when to take it and where in your business.

Let me show you part of my action plan for my daily activity:

  1. Pray.
  2. Get daughters off to school.
  3. Write a post.
  4. Comment on my Facebook pages.
  5. Return emails.

I like to have all this done before 900am. This way I am able to get on with my day and do more dollar productive activities, like speaking to people…

Obviously, this is not as detailed as I go, but for you to start with, it is all it needs to be.

So “What are action plans”, they quite simply are a list of things you are going to do to build your business.









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You Need An Action Plan

you need an action plan

you need an action plan

You Need An Action Plan

First let me repeat that heading for effect…YOU NEED AN ACTION PLAN!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything run so smoothly while others never seem to get anywhere?

Do you hate the detail and would rather get on with things moving towards the result that you see in your mind?

Action plans are what I affectionately label an evil necessity. I am not a detail man, but I am finding that over time, I am training myself to become one. Continue reading “You Need An Action Plan”

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