What does God say about Christians in business

what does God say about Christians in business

what does God say about Christians in businessWhat does God say about christians in business?

The Big question many christians have when they start to feel a desire about entering into business is actually what does God say about Christians in business?

First you need to understand that God wants Christians in business, He does not want everyone sitting on the sidelines of life and allowing non christians to  be running everything.

You are meant to be the salt of the earth or the light on a hill, you are not meant to be the destitute and broke. Continue reading “What does God say about Christians in business”

Christian Training For Business Webinar Father What Do I Do

Christian Business Training

Christian Business TrainingChristian Training Webinar : Father What Do I Do

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am constantly on my knees or face before God asking…

“Father what do I do?”

I get caught up in things that steal my time, energy and emotion rather than getting caught up in the things that the Lord wants me to do.

I know I am not alone in this, everyone struggles at one time or another in different areas of life and business. Continue reading “Christian Training For Business Webinar Father What Do I Do”

Christian Business Opportunities 5 Keys On How To Find Them

Christian Business Opportunities

Christian Business OpportunitiesChristian Business Opportunities How To Find Them…

Christian Business Opportunities are as scarce as hens teeth, real ones that is, but if you listen to most of the reps out there, you would think Christian Business Opportunities are everywhere, but they are not, in fact many perceived Christian Business Opportunities are run by Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses or even Muslims but the associates don’t realise. I love people, no matter what their religion, however these groups, even though you may hear them call themselves Christians, are far from it. A Christian Business Opportunities needs to have Christ as the centre…

What gets represented as a Christian Business Opportunity is actually far from it, it maybe a great home based business, however if you are specifically looking for a Christian Business then you should look deeper. Continue reading “Christian Business Opportunities 5 Keys On How To Find Them”

Who Are You Going To Be

Who are you going to be

Have you ever felt like you lead someone else’s life and never really doing the things that are on your heart to do or chasing your own dreams?

This happens to everyone, the only people that really break free are the ones that you see, the select few, who have said: “I don’t care anymore about other peoples thoughts about me or other peoples expectations. I know who I am and I am going to chase my dream.”

You will notice that these people have a certain air about them a confidence and the ability to attract not repel others to them. They do this because they have the courage to move forward. Continue reading “Who Are You Going To Be”