Watch us build a work from home business

See first hand what we do in our Work From Home Business!

It is all about to start… and I am very very very nervous.

We are going to put it all on the line, you get to see the good, the bad and the downright ugly as we show you what works and what doesn’t when building a Work From Home Business.

Watch what we do as we take 2 people by the hand and teach them what to do and what not to do when building a successful work from home business. Continue reading “Watch us build a work from home business”

Will you continue to look in the rear view mirror? John 10:10

Are you still looking in the rear view mirror John 10:10

Will you choose to live a life ruled by the thief or by the King?

Remember, the thief (the devil) comes to steal kill and destroy, but Jesus comes to give you life and life in abundance.

One of the saddest things I hear from people is that they have been hurt or disillusioned by circumstances that have surrounded their life, and because of their pain, they can not make a decision to do anything that will improve their future, no matter how good the opportunity is or what it could mean, because their hurt and pain rule their lives.

I had a wonderful discussion with one of my daughters recently, she had said the one thing that I believe we have all said at one point in our lives “She makes me so angry!” (she was talking about her sister lol) Continue reading “Will you continue to look in the rear view mirror? John 10:10”

Self Sufficiency as a Christian

self sufficiency as a christian working from homeWhat does Self Sufficiency look like for a Christian working from home?

I know the title Self Sufficiency as a christian may be a little weird for a business blog, but when I asked Kasey, my wife what I should write on today, she actually said “Self Sufficiency”. When she did I looked at her like she was a little crazy, well ok I thought she had lost the plot, but then I realised that this is definitely something we should be Continue reading “Self Sufficiency as a Christian”

Work From Home Business Guide Webinar

work from home business

work from home businessWhere do you start your work from home business – Free Webinar Recording

Your Christian training on where you need to start with your work from home business.

For more than 3 years I had no idea where to start with my work from home business, however it seemed that God did and He had me doing some certain things on a daily basis that were preparing me for an amazing future. Continue reading “Work From Home Business Guide Webinar”

What does God say about Christians in business

what does God say about Christians in business

what does God say about Christians in businessWhat does God say about christians in business?

The Big question many christians have when they start to feel a desire about entering into business is actually what does God say about Christians in business?

First you need to understand that God wants Christians in business, He does not want everyone sitting on the sidelines of life and allowing non christians to  be running everything.

You are meant to be the salt of the earth or the light on a hill, you are not meant to be the destitute and broke. Continue reading “What does God say about Christians in business”

Christian Training For Business Webinar Father What Do I Do

Christian Business Training

Christian Business TrainingChristian Training Webinar : Father What Do I Do

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am constantly on my knees or face before God asking…

“Father what do I do?”

I get caught up in things that steal my time, energy and emotion rather than getting caught up in the things that the Lord wants me to do.

I know I am not alone in this, everyone struggles at one time or another in different areas of life and business. Continue reading “Christian Training For Business Webinar Father What Do I Do”