Take My Personal Vision Statement Example

Vision Statement ExampleMy Personal Vision Statement example is

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yours to check out.

Take my Vision Statement Examples And Create Your Own.

Creating your own vision statement can be one of the most empowering and exciting things you do for your business and your life.

Something wonderful happens when you have your own personal vision statement but the wonder only happens when you actually read it and read it out loud.

Your vision statement helps you stay focused and make the right decisions to move in the right

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direction. I know everyone wants to see a vision statement example, so I have provided my own for you to look at.

It is important to read it out load each and every day if not a few times per day.

When you read your vision statement, see if you can actually get your emotions involved as well. Any good vision statement example is only words to read, a GREAT vision statement example is one where your whole person is involved and when you think about it, you get excited and you can feel it in your whole being.

Your emotions are powerful and so when you read your vision statement, you want them involved. Just reading your vision statement with no emotion does not allow you to connect with it in a real way.

The below Vision Statement Example is my own personal vision statement.

I read it regulary/daily out loud but I am also adding to it and changing things as I realise what I truly want.

It is actually my own personal vision statement, so it is

My Vision Statement Example:

I am a man of God who’s purpose is to Raise up Kings in the market place so that none perish, and this purpose starts in my home with my family.

God’s word lives inside of me, His Spirit moves through me and I have full confidence in His strength in my life.

I am healthy, wealthy, courageous and happy and take my role as a loving and faithful husband and caring and nurturing father seriously.

I use the talents He has given me to the fullest of my abilities and do not allow excuses to rule my life.

I am grounded and centred and have peace when troubles come.

The Fruits Of The Spirit are evident in my life:

Love, Peace, Faithfulness, Joy, Goodness, Gentleness, Patience, Self Control and Kindness.

In all things I trust in Him and His unfailing love.

My prayer:

Bless me Lord, expand my territory, stretch your hand out before me and keep evil far from me so that I may cause no pain.

I thankyou Lord that myself and my family are well and that no weapon formed against us will prosper.

I thank you that my marriage is strong, passionate and loving and that no weapon, person, spirit, demon or anything that comes against it will prosper.

I thank you that there is unity in my home and that our children are growing daily in Your ways.

I thank you Lord that my Mannatech business grows every day and that you are adding to it, in every team new leaders, leaders of character and integrity and leaders after your own heart who overcome fear and succeed in Mannatech.

I thankyou that our volume grows everyday in every leg of our business.

I thankyou Lord that you protect the people in our team and bless them in all areas of their lives, that the ones that are sick would be made well, the ones that are hurting would find peace, the ones that are struggling would overcome and the ones that lack vision would receive it from you.

I thankyou Lord that you motivate and inspire our team into action and help them to have powerful positive results in their Mannatech business and health.

I thank you that our income grows every month.

I thank you Lord that you send your angels our before us to prosper our way and that your Holy Spirit is speaking to me daily.

I love you Lord and I ask these things in Jesus name

Again this is my personal vision statement example, it is a guide to help you. To help you, you may want to look at an article I wrote on Hab 2:2-3: http://www.workfromhomechristians.com.au/write-your-vision-down/

If you have found the information in this article helpful, make sure you leave a comment below and share it with those you care about 🙂 – we want everyone to know how to create freedom

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