The 3 Biggest Mistakes Work From Home Christians Make In Their Business?

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Work From Home Christians Make In Their Business?

If you are a work from home christian, avoid these mistakes at all costs.

If you are like me and many other christians in the world today, you have known for a long time that you were called to something great.

Not for your own glory, but to bring God’s glory to a dying world, a world that needs the King.

Since 1998 I have been watching many work from home christians make mistakes that they don’t need to be making. Mistakes that are costing them money and could be avoided.

Work From Home Christians Mistake number 1.
Praying God would increase their income and leaving it there…

What do I mean by this? Simple, I am seeing that many christians have no problem with praying, in fact I am always hearing the “Help me God…” prayer. But unfortunately this is where it all ends.

They are asking for increase and expecting heaven to open up and money to fall from the sky. From my experience this is not what happens, what does happen however is that God brings us opportunity. Opportunity to grow and use our faith.

So don’t just pray, be prepared to learn the skills you need to increase your income. Because God IS expecting you to grow.

Work From Home Christians Mistake number 2.
They don’t understand faith in business…

You maybe on this website because you are looking for a business or you maybe here because you are looking for solutions to your business. Whatever the reason, you are here because I believe God directed you here. Nothing happens by chance.

No matter who or why you are here, this point is important and is best expanded upon by asking you a simple question.

“How often have been praying for God to increase your income but not acted upon the opportunities that have come your way?”

You see God is always bringing you opportunities to grow your income and expand upon your skills, He never leaves you alone. Unfortunately most christians miss the opportunities to do these things or they find excuses not to.

Faith in business is being prepared to step out and go with your “gut”, I am learning more and more that the “gut feeling” for me is actually the Holy Spirit guiding me and the more I trust in Him the more success I see and the more obstacles I avoid.

Of course you need to way up all of the options and make wise decisions, however too many people freeze and don’t make a decision. They let the opportunity pass them by and go on praying. Because God is so kind and good, He continues to send opportunities, but unless faith is acted upon the opportunities are missed.

Don’t be the christian who wants to work from home or have their own business and not be prepared to act upon opportunities.

Work From Home Christian Mistake number 3.
Allow fear to rule their lives even though they serve an almighty God…

This has been one of my greatest struggles that God has been helping me through.

Many work from home christians or christians in business are afraid to make a decision because of they are “not sure” what God will think. Let me help you with this…if your decision is moral, ethical and does not go against God’s word, then go for it, it is JUST a decision. Something you do all day and every day is make decisions. What God is more interested in, is the heart behind the decision.

I have learnt that it is GOOD to make a decision and then work towards the outworking of that decision. If I did the wrong thing, He is still able to work through me and get done what He wants to get done.

He has shown me that He does NOT want me to do is to worry and freeze…The same goes for you. Your decisions and choices are just that…a decision and a choice. It is not the end of the world.

So make a decision to be successful and do whatever you have to do to build your business and bring honour to Him.

You are going to want to realise as quickly as you can, that what you have, has been given to you by God, for His purposes. Yes He does want you to succeed and enjoy life, and He does want you to work, but He does NOT want you to worry and do nothing. He wants you to trust and have rest in Him. He is working on your side.

Being a work from home christian, who trusts God and His ways, brings great peace. Mix this with your willingness to learn and act upon what you learn. By doing this you allow God to move in ways you could only ever dream about.

You serve a great and wonderful God who knows you are capable of more than you would ever know. He is waiting for you to step up and step out in faith and action.

God Bless You

James Hannan

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