The 5 keys to social responsibility of business

social responsibility of businessSocial Responsibility Of Business – The 5 Keys:

Did you know that every business today has a social responsibility. You could say it is the social responsibility of business to not only make a profit, yes you read that right, business has a responsibility to make a profit because if they don’t how many people would be out of a job and left with no money to pay their bills and give any kind of life to their family?

Many unfortunately don’t see making a profit and a BIG profit as the social responsibility of business. But before we can get on and talk about what businesses should do with their profits, it is imperative that we all understand they can not do anything in the community if they have no money.

It saddens me when I hear many people whinge and complain that a company is making money, if they have a smart business plan, a good product and a market that wants what they have, then in my mind it is good if not GREAT for them to be making money, however what saddens me even more is when I see owners of businesses not understanding the social responsibility of business and the social responsibility of themselves as owners.

Today you could even go so far as to say that the social responsibility of business does not only finish with the owner of the business, especially when you hear the size of incomes that some executives are making.

Again I actually get quite excited when I hear that employees, not just business owners, are making large and some HUGE sums of money. It means that in essence the business should be doing well. However as we have seen over the last few years that again, this may not be the case.

Many major corporations have been caught out hiding the fact they are broke but still paying exhaubadant amounts of money to their executives while their clients and people who trust them lose their life savings.

And this is the start I believe of the social responsibility of business.

The social responsibility of business 1: They need to make a profit and the bigger their profit the better.

The social responsibility of business 2: They need to be honest. Some of the best companies around have realised that they don’t need to hide things, of course they need to be wise with what they allow the public to see, however their first thought has to be on their social responsibility of business. That the community, and sometimes the globe, is watching them and looking to them for leadership. The people at the top of the leadership pole need to show that leadership by proving they are people of character and worth following and trusting.

The social responsibility of business 3: Be outward focused.

Don’t just look at what is in it for them, look at what is in it for the consumer. Again this comes back to be interested and genuinely interested in the people who are wanting to do business with you and people who want to support you.

The social responsibility of business 4: Have a wrong that you want to right.

Our company has decided we want to attack Global Malnutrition and BE the solution to this problem. We are partnering with others who

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also have a vision to impact malnutrition on a global basis. Malnutrition is a major wrong. There is enough food on the planet to feel 12 Billion people, but we only have 6 Billion and we have over 1 Billion who don’t get enough. THIS IS WRONG!!!

The social responsibility of business 5: Be Focused.

It is too easy to give up and lose direction. It is when business leaders do this they lose the direction they have been given. Business leaders need encouragement as well. They need someone to speak life to them, but at the same time, the business leader needs to know and understand that sometimes it is very lonely at the top.

The great thing about Social Entrepreneurs is that they build relationships, they realise it is not all about them, it is about the vision they have and the impact they are having. This attracts like minded people to them who want to help them create powerful changes in the community and the globe.

It does not matter what business you have or what industry you are in. I am in the home based business industry, our business expands the globe and we train others on how to do exactly what we have done. It is not for the faint hearted, it is only for those with a real drive to succeed.

This does not mean that it takes a special person to succeed or a special personality, it doesn’t, it just takes a person who has said I will not allow excuses to rule my life anymore and I prepared to learn new things and work hard.

So even though I work from home, I take social responsibility of business, my business, very seriously.

I know that when I walk out the door I need to be looking at people and not judge, I know that the people I am working with require effort and encouragement, but they are worth it.

We all work in the community and we all impact the community, we just get to choose what kind of impact we are going to have. Will it be a positive one or a negative one.

The home based business industry, just like other industries has had its ups and downs, but right now as more and more people are looking for a new solution to their financial future, we are going through a massive growth as companies realise that it can not be business as usual. We all need to change and the ones that change and change quickly, will be the ones that create massive opportunities for all.

That is what we have done.

So no matter what you do and where you do it, understand that you have a social responsibility of business to impact in a positive way your community.

If you still don’t know what are social entrepreneurs, you really need to check out that article

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