The Dying Art Of MLM Lead Generation

mlm lead generationThere is a dying art of mlm lead generation…learn it here.

I wanted to call this article “The Art of War – MLM lead generation” but I thought you may not get it, besides there is something more about MLM lead generation that I believe many Network Marketing Newbies are starting to forget or may not have learnt in the first place.

So many Network Marketers are getting caught up with just one way of building a business and that one way is online, and so MLM lead generation is becoming a massive skill that needs to be learnt by Online Network Marketers, they are forgetting the tried tested and proven offline methods that have worked for decades and will continue to work for as long as people enjoy getting together with friends and family and actually talking to one another.

So you have This new generation of network marketer who has been caught up in the hype of the internet and who is only hearing one message

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and that message is “Do all of your MLM lead generation ONLINE!!!”

Now you need to understand that I am not against online MLM lead generation at all, in fact you are more than likely reading this article on my website which is online, however I am against everyone thinking that MLM lead generation just has to be online…it DOESN’T!

In fact more people will find MLM lead generation offline a much faster skill to learn and develop and way less costly if they are trained the correct way and have a Network Marketing System or MLM System that shows them what to do.

Why do I say that MLM lead generation is easier to learn offline than it is online?

Think about this for a moment.

What is the one thing that we all do every day and we have done it since we were born?


So if we communicate each and every day, don’t you think that you could learn the skill of communicating a message that people actually want to hear from you for your MLM lead generation?

Imagine speaking to someone and being able to say EXACTLY what they want to hear WHEN they want to hear it…do you think that if you could do that, you would find it a very powerful skill to have, of course you would, imagine what your MLM lead generation would look like.

You have probably already guessed that I believe the “Dying art of MLM lead generation” is offline skills.

Offline skills are so very simple, it is just you learning how to ask the right questions and then being able to meet the need of the person you are speaking to and saying it in a way that does not repel, in fact it draws them to you.

I am going to give you a few keys to getting a positive response when speaking to people for MLM lead generation.  You can use these skills whether the person you are speaking to is already in network marketing or not.

1. The first key to MLM lead generation is to smile…whether you are writing an article an ad or speaking to someone on the phone or face to face, remember to smile. People are always more attractive when they smile and even if they can’t see you, your smile comes through everything you do and say.

2. The second key to MLM lead generation is to ask more questions and speak less. This is one big obstacle that most beginners and many old timers fall into. Be MORE interested in them, think about it this way when you are doing your MLM lead generation, what is the one thing that people like to talk about the most? THEMSELVES!!! so let them. They will love you for it.

3. The third key to MLM lead generation is to continue to practice practice and practice some more. Too many people get started and think they need to be an instant millionaire, this is not the case. Give yourself time to learn and develop the skills you need to to succeed. This takes time.

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