The First Thing Jim Rohn Taught Me

Jim RohnJim Rohn – Don’t Wish Things Were Easier Wish That You Were Better

Jim Rohn was one of the first business trainers/leaders I actually had the privilege to listen to when I first got started in home based business and working from home.

Jim Rohn‘s words spoke to me even though I didn’t really know who he was or why I should be listening to him, and even though he has passed away now, his words are still impacting me and many tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Jim Rohn taught me that I don’t need to wish that things were easier, I need to wish (or work on) me being better.

You see wishing things were easier never helps anyone and actually doesn’t work however what does work is putting time in developing yourself and becoming better.

Think about this for a moment…

How long does a professional go to university/college?

Does a doctor go to university for a couple of months and then start operating?

Of course not, he/she spends years and then they do an internship and spends hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Think what would happen for you and your business if you decided to give it that kind of dedication and what you would have at the end of 4 – 6 years. You would be an absolute super star and the world would be your oyster.

So allow me to give you my thoughts on how to become better (and I learnt a lot of this from Jim Rohn)4-:

  • Spend time daily in God’s word
  • Connect with your dreams (really know what they are and why you want them)
  • Read 15 minutes per day from a personal development book.
  • Listen to a MP3 on personal develop – Jim Rohns stuff is a great place to start.
  • Do something every day that builds YOU!!!

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