The hidden danger of just doing online network marketing

Online Network MarkertingYou and online network marketing and the dangers to be aware of

has received a lot of interest over the last 3 – 5 years and more and more network marketers become proficient in using the internet to generate free mlm leads.

It seems everyone is interested in online network marketing and they start out with a lot of energy, but as with everything, unless someone is 100% committed, that energy stops being given to their business because they realise that maybe, building a business is going to take a little more than they realised at the start.

I love online network marketing, in fact I would say that 50% of the people I speak to about my Christian Home Based Business would come from online strategies, and it is interesting to note that one of my biggest leaders actually found my online and we actually live in the same town, attend the same church and were helping in the same children’s ministry, however she found my wife and I online.

So I can prove that online network marketing actually works, however I believe that if you are online doing online network marketing you are setting yourself up for heartaches and frustration.

You need to have the right mix of online network marketing and offline network marketing.

There are not many people who have the desire or willingness to learn the skills to develop just an online network marketing business, but bigger than that, the people you get started are still craving that attention and relationship that can not be replaced by just email and blog posts. There has to come a time when you actually sit down and build a relationship.

But what is more important to understand is that not everyone can actually build an online network marketing business and offline is actually easier in my opinion.

When you learn the scripts and that building an offline network marketing business is just knowing how to talk to people and having posture, you can do it anywhere and anytime.

You don’t need a computer, the internet or an iPhone. You just need people to speak to and if you are a person who can smile and be more interested in others, you will never run out of people to speak to.

The best tool/resource I have in my network marketing business arsenal is my smile and desire to speak to people and if there is one thing I would recommend you to develop over everything else it is your skill of dealing with people. You will use it in every area of life.

But this article is not about telling you how good offline network marketing it, it is about telling you how good online network marketing actually is.

What do I love about online network marketing?

I love that when I want leads, I don’t have to leave my house to find them. I just need to turn Facebook, twitter or even linked in on and start talking to people online and I will find people interested in my products and business. I also love that with online network marketing, I have developed more skills and you can as well. You will also learn that it is combining online network marketing with offline network marketing that brings true awesomeness (yes I believe that really is a word) to your business because you are joining relationships with technology and learning how to leverage all areas.

I also love that online network marketing allows me to generate as many leads as I want, put them into a funnel and through that funneling process, I only speak to the people who actually want to be spoken to. I don’t have to waste time on people who are just tyre kickers and time wasters.

Through the marketing funnel we have put together, when you start your online campaigns, people contact you when they are ready, but this then brings us to the thing I believe you need to be careful with online network marketing.

The biggest lie people have believed is that when they start online network marketing they don’t need to speak to people unless those people contact them first.

This is not true for online network marketing.

If you diary is not full with people to speak to right now, then you need to be speaking with everyone that you get in your funnel, because if you aren’t, someone else is.

Online network marketing is just another fishing line in the pond of business. It is just another way to build a list, the thing is you still need to talk to everyone on that list and see how you can help them.

Don’t start with a lazy attitude or develop one.

The most important piece of information you can get from someone in our industry is their phone number, because it is their phone number

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that allows you to call them, and yes even online network marketing requires you to get this and to talk to the people that go on your auto responder lists.

Learn from my mistakes with online network marketing. I have allowed too many people to slip through my fingertips by not calling them, even though they have sent me an email or left all of their information.

It becomes too easy with online network marketing to get caught up in admin and not actually do dollar product activity.

Many people think that it is ok to spend most of their time writing posts, making videos or learning something and very little time on actually building a team.

This is a trap of online network marketing and I would hate you to fall for it.

So yes there are great benefits to online network marketing, however learn from my adventures, online network marketing is not the only way. You NEED to incorporate offline network marketing as well and learn to LOVE it.

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