The Stages Of Getting Your Breakthrough

getting your breakthroughLook Forward To Your Breakthrough!

OK in this post it is going to be a little different.

Normally I try and write a post that has good keyword placement and sometimes that makes it hard to make the article flow.

But today I feel like I just need to write this short article from my heart.

Let’s talk about receiving your breakthrough.

All of us go through struggles and challenges, things that have the potential to stop us in our tracks and not allow us to move onto the fullness that Christ has for us.

But how do you make it through and how do you create a future when you only see pain and trouble?

Well I would like to say “simple” and I guess in some ways it is, but mostly it requires effort and personal growth plus that faith that Jesus will be there to see you through.

Remember that God is a God of love, NOTHING you have done can separate you from His love and He still has a plan for your life.

Start by grabbing a hold of that promise and then move onto just getting the job done and doing what you need to do.

For me it seems to be that first I have a need, then I have a problem then He gives me the solution and then I need to work out HOW I will get to that solution.

It is the same in business. You may know what the solution is, but getting the solution can be a whole nother story.

Can I suggest that you watch this recording of a webinar we did recently.

There is a JOY that comes from breakthrough that you need to know about and believe for.

He is with you now and forever, allow Him to work for you and through you.


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