There’s always more to the story – Jason McElwain

A good friend of mine, Jason Brooker sent me this link today on facebook about Jason McElwain.

I ask that you read this post the whole way through, because it will be one of the most thought provoking posts I have written in a long time.

This video is encouraging and challenging at the same time. However it is even more than that…

For many when you watch this video you will see an opportunity that was given to the coaches son, maybe out of love, sympathy or just to say thankyou for the work you have done for the team.

But it is much more than that…

The bible says to be ready inside and outside of season. To be ready for when the Lord brings opportunity your way, opportunity to tell someone about His love, see someone healed, preach His word or build a business.

This is what happened for Jason McElwain.

He was not just sitting on the benches waiting to be called into the game. He had been preparing himself for years.

He wasn’t just encouraging his team mates, he was training them and training with them. He was training himself for the day when the coach (his dad) would allow him to turn up to the game, put on the gurnsy and get on the court.

He trained for years, not seeing anything for himself, but encouraging others and helping them achieve great things, but still he trained, still he encourage and still he turned up.

How was he able to hit each basket, score 20 points & create a wave of excitement for the entire stadium? It was because he was prepared for the game.

He didn’t mind the waiting, he didn’t mind helping the others win, he didn’t mind turing up to the game and not being put on the court. He was there, he was inspiring he was encouraging and he was LEARNING…

Jason McElwain was taking the opportunities in front of him, sure he may not have seen it this way because of the disability in his body, however it is what I saw when I watched the video.

So take some encouragement. Even though you may not be winning, even though you may not even feel you are in the game, continue the learning process. Continue becoming good, continue to encourage…

You see the absolute BEST way to learn something, is to train somebody else…that’s right, train or teach someone else the thing that you have just learned and you will see great results for yourself.

Make sure you are ready for the game, ready for when the coach sends you out to play, ready for when the crowd roars your names and shouts with joy because of what the Lord is doing in your life.

This is your moment in history, your moment to shine, your moment to lead and your moment to PLAY…

So rise up, continue to learn, throw away excuses and just do the thing you are meant to do. Don’t despise the learning and training, they are getting you ready for the game…










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4 Replies to “There’s always more to the story – Jason McElwain”

  1. Thanks James, awesome post. I relate well with Jason, having handicaps with 40% hearing loss since birth and a leaky heart valve which means that I don’t have much energy.

    I am encouraged that like Jason, my time will come, I WILL get ahead financially and I hope have healing for my heart and ears.

    1. your welcome Christine and thanks for commenting. It is a very powerful story and I really believe the message under the message is the most important component 🙂

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