What does God say about opportunity

what does god say about opportunityNLT Proverbs 26:15 “Lazy people take food in their hand but don’t even lift it to their mouths”

What does God say about opportunity?

Before we start, this revelation is for me and my life, I am sharing it with you in the hope that you may also see breakthrough in any area that you feel as though God is speaking to you on.

Have you ever thought what does God say about opportunity? Do you spend much time thinking how much better things would be if you had more money, more time or more freedom? Well these things only come from opportunity, so if it is ok with you, I am going to speak from a place of a Christian business owner, I want to speak from the truth I have found in serving God and having some successes and some failures and some more successes lol.

But before we go too deep into what I believe God says about opportunity, I want you to know this one thing.

God through His Son Jesus Christ wants to have a relationship with you, and the wonderful thing about this relationship that you can have with Him is that He will speak to you and guide you if you are willing to listen to Him, the problem is, not many people are prepared to enter that place where God can speak to them and encourage, direct and guide them.

So when you read this article and watch the video, please take the time to speak to Him and ask Him for His will surrounding certain things, but don’t just wait, ACT remember faith without works is dead, so start and if God doesn’t want you doing something He will show you.

So today let’s look at what does God say about opportunity.

Yesterday on our facebook page http://fb.com/jameshannanpage I said that today i was going to write an article on a scripture that had been really speaking very loudly to me and I believe that there will be a lot of people who read this article and will have a journey begin. A journey that will start to unlock some of the answers you have been searching for around creating a better life for you and your family.

Warning: Before we go any further, I want to give you a warning, some people may not like what I say. But remember, I am using the scriptures from the bible, so ask God how does this apply to you, and this is a revelation I had about my own life and am sharing it from that perspective. It was tough for me to hear it, so it maybe tough for some of you as well.

This is how I saw God speaking to me about what does God say about opportunity?

The scripture I want to cover today is Proverbs 19:24 and it is seems so important that God repeated it again in Proverbs 26:15

“Lazy people take food in their hand but don’t even lift it to their mouths”

I was sitting around our table on the deck talking to a friend of mine. He has been in business many years and we were talking about how God reveals business success strategies in His scriptures and then he told me about the one that really spoke to him and it was Pro 26:15.

I had read this scripture many times but never looked at it the way he was suggesting…look at this for business and opportunity!!!

I had always looked at it for people who were so lazy and slothful that all they do is lay around all day and never do any work, they live eat and sleep in the same chair and continue to get fatter and fatter and lazier and lazier. I never thought about it for me or anyone I knew… I still don’t see it for anyone I know, let me make that clear lol but I do look at things very differently, including the amount of effort I put into tasks, events and opportunities that come my way.

As we start to understand what God says about opportunity, we understand ourselves as well.

I was reading the book of Numbers this morning and found myself continually shaking my head at the Israelites as they complained about receiving Manna from heaven and not being able to eat meat etc etc. it seemed they were always complaining and wanting to go back to the horrible existence they had in Egypt rather than move on into the promised land that God had chosen for them.

If you read the story of when the 12 spy’s were sent into Canaan Numbers 14, you notice that the Israelites didn’t want to move across the Jordan to take the promised land (Canaan) because they were afraid and didn’t like the idea of the amount of work they needed to do to get the reward.

So they had to turn around and wander in the desert for 40 years until the old had passed away and a new generation was prepared to conquer.

Now think about this for your life, because this is what I had to do.

What areas are you not moving forward on and instead complaining about. At the moment within our business, we are moving into a time of unparalleled opportunity, but to receive that opportunity requires me to let go of stuff that holds me back and lazy attitudes because I would rather watch TV, play sport or do anything else except give what I needed to, to make a success of this incredible opportunity.

You see I realised that when we pray for more, more money, more time, more lifestyle etc etc etc God gives us the opportunity to receive these things. We have to work to get them though.

Working is part of our DNA, God worked, and continues to work. He works in the heart of every man woman and child. Just look at the universe and all the things in it. They are ordered and have a place, someone has to stand over them, and that is Him.

When I read that scripture from Proverbs, I think about the opportunities I have received, am I sometimes like the lazy man, He has given me the opportunity to receive all that I am asking for, but to receive the things I want, means I need to change, I need to work and it means I need to give up things that don’t benefit my dream at this time, or I need to reschedule to get things to fit it. So I get up an hour earlier and go to bed a little later.

So here are some questions for you, sorry it is not an answer to what I believe God says about opportunity.

I believe these questions will help you start moving in the right direction and see things a little differently.

When you read these questions, think about Proverbs 26: 15… “Lazy people take food in their hand but don’t even lift it to their mouths”.

Did at one time you start asking for ways to make more money, build a better lifestyle or have more time?

Did you get offers but you didn’t take them up,  for no other reason except out of fear or laziness?

Are you part of something that you know is good, but instead of doing everything you know you need to do to get the results you want, you find other things to do or cast blame?

Have you got an opportunity but you are not lifting your hands to go to work, so the opportunity is dying?

Have you been following me for a long time waiting for the right time, but the right never comes?

I ask that you learn from my revelation.

What does God think about opportunity? He LOVES it. He created it, He wants you to go after it, He will show you the right one with the right people and the right product. If it all lines up and you are not receiving any checks from the Holy Spirit, then go for it.


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