What Does God Want Me To Do

Have You Ever Wondered What does God want me to do?

This must be the question of the ages, “What Does God Want Me To Do?”

I hope you don’t mind, but today I am really going to simplify the answer, I know people will say “It is more difficult than that James” and others will have a major aha moment, I am hoping you will be one of the latter.

Too many people think things have to be harder than they are and in my experience, the simplest answer has more often than not has been the correct answer.

But to get to the answer, I want to lay a foundation of biblical truth and then this may help you understand a bit better.

First I think we need to start with our understanding of God. God is not a confusing God. He is a loving, just and kind God. He does not change, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Heb 13:8) so when we are confused, the realisation is that more than likely we are not listening to God, instead we are listening to our own selfish desires, desires that conflict with His.

Many times I have wanted one thing, but known deep down in my heart, it is not the thing that my loving and kind God wants for me. Someone said to me recently “You love God” and I said “Yes I do, He is my friend”. You see the way you see God will directly impact what you “think” you are hearing from Him.

If you see Him as a harsh tyrannical leader, then you will only hear harsh things from Him. But if you have the revelation that He is your friend as well as your God, your Leader, Your King & your Father than you will see Him differently.

God is the same, He does not change, He doesn’t make mistakes, His plans are good for you Jer 29:11.

Now take all of this into consideration when you ask the question, “What does God want me to do?”

He will never want you to do something that is contrary to His word. He will ask you to do what you CAN do not what you can’t do.

Look at the gifts, the talents, the abilities and strengths that you have. This will also give you a hint into your future and the plans that God has for you.

But what about your desires and your dreams, do they play a role in your purpose for being here? Of course they do. Pro 29:18 clearly states that we need a vision for our life. It is that vision that drives us forward. There will always be a time of training and development to build the talents etc you will need to fulfil that dream. Don’t despise small beginnings (Zec 4:10) because it is out of these small beginnings that great things will come, especially if you continue to nurture the things you are learning, don’t become bitter or allow the enemy to confuse you.

Too many times, I hear and see individuals get so caught up in the frustration and personal development that happens in their life on the journey of success. Instead of seeing it for what it is, your apprenticeship and an opportunity to grow and learn, it is seen just as tough times and maybe something they should not be doing.

While yes, I do believe we “miss God” by doing our own thing, but even in those times, I believe God is big enough to use our bad decisions and make them good if we allow Him to work within them.

God does warn us though. He does speak to us before something is about to happen by trying to give us a “course correction”. This can happen by a change in desire for the things we are supposed to be doing, or by opportunities coming our way for something new. You know if it is right, because when you go to Him and pray, and sometimes fast (yes I said, FAST … NO EATING!!! lol) you will have a sense of peace that transcends all understanding. It doesn’t make sense in the physical or the natural world, but in God it does. (Phi 4:7)

I know I have had many opportunities offered to me and in the natural they look great, but in my heart of hearts, I know I am not supposed to follow them. I am meant to stay exactly where I am and do exactly what the Lord has put in front of me to do.

Have you been praying “God give

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me more money!”

This is such a funny thing to pray for, but I think at one time in our lives, I believe we have all prayed that prayer.

But in all my time as a christian, now over 20 years, I have never seen God open heaven and give me more money. Yes I have had people be generous and give me some, however this is not the norm. What I have seen over and over again though is “Opportunity to make more money”.

When we pray, we must understand that God is interested in developing us as people and to make us the people He needs us to be, we need to grow.

One of the most interesting ways I have seen Him develop people is in the area of personal finances.

Having an increase in our income or more money in our bank account is actually a gift given to us, but it is a gift that we must be able to show that we can handle, otherwise it will be taken away from us. I am not sure that God takes it away, or the world does by lack of judgement on what to do with the increase.

Many people end up receiving an increase only to use it all on worldly things that have no long-term value. Many get further and further into debt, rather than using their increase to get out of debt and the bondage that it brings.

Kasey (my wife) and I, don’t like debt at all. We believe that we all need to do whatever it takes to remove it from our lives and live in the freedom that comes from not being bound to a corporation or an individual because money is owed. Unfortunately not everyone understands this, and so they are continually living off their credit cards or borrowing money. It becomes a never-ending merry-go-round.

So if we understand that increase if a gift from God then we should also understand Luke 12: 48 – “… to he who is given much, much is expected…” When God gives to you, He is expecting you to be wise with what He has given you, and starting a business and receiving a small income is the start of that wisdom of being able to handle much. Do you spend you little bit on more alcohol or partying or do you save some of it, making sure you are putting money away for a rainy day or a plan for the future? Do you save some for marketing, or do you spend it all on that “sparkly object” you just had to have?

What about warnings for the future?

I wonder how many times God has warned you about something coming for your future and suggested to you to make a change, but because of stubbornness, closed mind or heart or just not asking Him, you have missed His voice and so have had to go through the trouble He warned you about.

I remember just before I started to really build our business, I started to see that the company I was working for was having some real trouble, I knew I had to do something, so I went into 3 days of prayer and fasting. I got on my hands and knees before God, gave up food with the full intent to hear from Him and get His direction.

What I received was not what I expected, I received a rebuke in a gently way. He said to me that He gave me the way out of the problem we were facing 3 years previously and hadn’t done a thing with it.

He had given me an opportunity…is He giving you one, this maybe why you are asking, What does God want me to do?

So I took that opportunity, stopped praying for more money and just started to thank God for the increase and people he was bringing me. and within 24 months, our lives were totally transformed. We have an international business, leaders all over the world and freedom that most people only ever dream about, but if I didn’t listen to God, things would may have been totally different.

So take a moment to ask yourself these questions that may help you understand what does God want you to do…

  1. “Is God speaking to you right now about a business, an opportunity etc
  2. Has something come across your path that would not normally happen?
  3. Have you had a desire to work from home or yourself for a long time but never done it?

Theses are all clues that God maybe speaking to you (Can I say that God IS speaking to you?) about making a change and stepping out onto the water.

You may think your job is secure at the moment, you may believe that your comfortable or that you have enough… but what if God is saying “Hey, I am putting this in front of you now so that you can make some extra money so that when something happens, you won’t have as much pain…” you see, doing something else, like running a business from home in your part-time, does not have to be all-consuming. It is not that hard to build something that will give you an extra $1000 – $2000 per month. the thing to realise is that if your financial situation does change for the worse, then this little extra that is coming in, could be the difference between you being able to pay the bills or going bankrupt.

I know this is a hard thing to come to terms with, but it is reality.

For many people, they don’t move because of fear, but for others it is because of laziness. They can see the storm on the horizon, and instead of getting under cover, building shelter or even going to harvest, they roll over and go to sleep. (Pro 24:23 tells you what happens in those scenarios).

Let’s answer the question What does God Want Me To Do?

He wants you to prosper and be in good health just like your soul prospers… (3 John 1:2)

He doesn’t want you sitting still, becoming fat on yesterdays activity. He wants you moving in Him, listening to His beautiful voice and becoming better.

He wants to open heavens door for you.

Being in fear, complacency or laziness does not serve God or you. However walking in faith, joy and having a hope for the future brings joy to His heart.

Please leave a comment below and let’s have a talk about this…


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