What Is A Competing Commitment and How Does It Stop You From Making Money

What is a competing commitmentCompeting Commitment?

What Is A Competing Commitment and How Does It Stop You From Making Money

Which Competing Commitment will win?

Have you ever wandered what is a competing commitment? For some of you who have

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not been to any major personal development programs, you may not have even heard of a competing commitment.

A competing commitment is a commitment you have that conflicts with another. I hinted on this in the last post we wrote about Why You Need A 90 Day Action Plan and what it will do for you.

A good example of this is a person who wants to lose weight, in their head they say: “I want to lose weight” but in they ALSO say “I feel really good when I eat and I want to eat what I want.”

This happens in business as well. People say: “I want to earn more money so I can get out of debt or buy a house etc” but they also say “I want to stay comfortable and not change anything in my life”.

Both of these are competing commitments and the stronger ALWAYS wins out.

So the question really is:

How to grow the commitment you want and shrink the competing commitment you don’t want.

First understand that you actually do want both commitments, the thing is only one of them will give you the outcome that will better your life, now lets look at this area of a competing commitment.

The only way I have found to change a competing commitment is to feed the desire that you actually want. This is done by look at what the outcome of what that desire will be.

Example, you want to build your business but you also want to watch TV. So what will watching TV give you? NOTHING!!!!

What will building your business give you? Freedom, a new home, a holiday, more money, fulfil dreams etc etc. So now focus on those and feed your mind and heart with those things.

You will find that your desire will grow and you will release that competing commitment.

The more you feed your desires the more you want them, the more you starve them, the less you think about them and the stronger your commitment will be towards your real desire. This is your way of overcoming your competing commitment.

Competing Commitments impact all areas of our lives and we will continually have them. The thing to work on is understanding what we need to do when we find them.

Your competing Commitments don’t need to own you, they need to come under your authority. Cast down imagination and lift up the word of God.


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