What is a strategic plan

What Is A Strategic Plan…Is it the same as an action plan?what is a strategic plan

Well you know what I have found and I am sure you more than likely have as well… Is that sometimes, there are some very intelligent people who get very bored so they have to make up something new, just to fill in their time.

I maybe wrong, but that has been my experience, especially about strategic plans and action plans.

If you wanted to differentiate between a strategic plan verses an action plan, you could say that a strategic plan is a lot more detailed, it goes as deep as a plan can go and works out all contingencies.

But an Action Plan is just the implementation or the “how to” of a strategic plan…Have I confused you yet lol ?

So let’s just make it simple for the average work from home christian, a strategic plan is the same as an action plan. Both can have as much detail as you want to put in them, the main thing is that you HAVE ONE.

So for the sake of this post (and some good old SEO 😉 ), let’s just call our action plan a strategic plan.

Your strategic plan needs to incorporate your:

Dream – The reason you are doing the business you are doing.

Your goals – the steps along the way that help you identify that you are heading in the right direction.

Your action steps – the activity you are going to do to achieve your goals.

Your Margin – This is the time you have allocated to your day/week etc that allows you space to do everything that you need to do without getting overwhelmed. Many people put too much into their diary and throw their hands up in the air because they are not achieving anything.

Your Prayers & Time with God – yes we should be walking 24/7 with God, however having specific time set aside to spend with God, just you and Him is special.

Family – What time are you going to allocate to them.

Yourself – What time are you going to allocate to yourself.













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