What Is A Vision And Mission Statement – This maybe a little controversial

Vision and mission statementIs there any difference between a vision and mission statement is probably more of a common question.

So let’s answer the question today is there any difference between a vision and mission statement?

To understand if there is any difference between a vision and mission statement you need to first realise that so called experts are the ones who make up names and explanations, and I think sometimes it is these so called experts who confuse us all into thinking that there is some higher meaning to everything, but in my mind, when it comes to understanding the difference between a vision and mission statement, THERE ISN’T ANY!!!

Many people, just like I used to, freeze in their tracks when they don’t totally understand something or they are slightly confused.

While yes there are times when we need to stop doing something if we don’t understand it because it maybe dangerous etc, but when it comes to something like the difference between a vision and mission statement, this is not the case. Just keep moving forward.

It is the so called gurus and self professed experts that want you to believe that there are huge differences in these things, and while yes there maybe a difference, for you personally, it is no big deal.

In the past and I also know into the future I have done and will do much more, personal development.

One of the things I have learnt through these courses that has truly helped me, is to not get caught up on the trivial, and working out the difference between a vision and mission statement is trivial for an individual.

The key to a vision and mission statement is make sure you have one.

Make sure you have a revelation that it is the meaning that YOU place on it that is important, not the meaning that someone else places on it, and this is the case for many words and phrases.

Example, what does courageous mean to you? Is it having no fear, is it being able to walk away from trouble or run into war? Every person will have their own definition of courage.

It is the same for you vision and mission statement.

A couple of days ago, I asked a wonderful friend of mine who attended some of the same personal development programs I did about the Vision Statement and she reminded me that I should go off into a peaceful area and just wait for it to come to me. Now I know this may seem mystical, but it isn’t.

I have just found that it is when you are at peace, that God is able to speak to you the most. It is when all other distractions are removed that He can give you your Vision Statement and direction for your life, the problem is we are hardly ever at peace.

So once I give you the points below to create your vision and mission statement, go find yourself a peaceful place, don’t have any distractions, just you and God and ask Him to give you a vision of the life He has planned for you. Not the one you have now and it is not your goals, it is your vision.

Look at my Vision Statement Example on this page, and you will see my own personal vision statement.

It has helped many many people already. Make sure you leave a comment when you go there to let me know how it helped you.

These are the things to put in your vision and mission statement.

  1. Your relationship with God.
  2. Your health
  3. Your finances
  4. Your relationships
  5. Your emotions
  6. Your mental health
  7. Your purpose

These are just 7 things I recommend you put in your vision and mission statement, you can cover others as well if you like.

Just make sure you do what I say in my other post on Vision Statement Example, and that is read it out loud with emotion.

Get all your senses attached to it and allow it to drive you.

If you have found the information in this article helpful, make sure you leave a comment below and share it with those you care about 🙂 – we want everyone to know how to create freedom

vision and mission statement
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