What is M5M or Mission 5 Million

What is M5M

M5M was developed by Mannatech as the visionary company that took on the challenge to nourish the worlds dying children with M5M. It stands for Mission 5 Million.

You see 5 million children under the age of 5 die every year from malnutrition, Mannatech did not see that as acceptable and due to their proprietary nutritional technology saw it as their responsibility to take on the challenge of nourishing 5 million children.

M5M is not a charity or a not for profit fund raising campaign, it is a Mission that the company Mannatech has to nourish the worlds most desperate children, children that need our help.

Mannatech is a for profit company, in fact they are publicly traded on the Nasdaq under the code MTEX and even though they have had a rough go of it over the last few years, they are fighting back with vengeance. They already see M5M (Mission 5 Million) fulfilled. They see these 5 million children being nourished with the worlds only real food nutrition, they have the means to do and they are looking for champions who want to partner with them, and get paid a lot of money to do it.

Because like I said, M5M is not a charity, it is a for profit mission to transfer the world as we know it and wipe out global malnutrition and they are prepared to pay people like you and me a lot of money to do it.

You see every time someone is established as a client with Mannatech and a 100 point automatic order is sent, a child is nourished. Simple!

This also means that the company needs help establishing clients and the way they do this, is they partner with people who want to share M5M, they call these partners Champions…because they are championing the cause.

The unique thing about Mannatech and M5M is that the more people/clients a champion establishes the more money they make, they can even help other champions get started and make money from everything they do, kind of like a master franchise does when a new franchise is open, except with M5M and their business model, it is a true win/win/win. The company, Mannatech wins, the champion wins and the child being nourished wins.

With tens of thousands of children being nourished around the world right now and more and more partners being established every minute of every day, Mannatech is set to hit their target quickly…

But how much can you make being a champion of M5M?

Well the crazy thing about this is, the more money you make the more children are helped. So Mannatech have not put a ceiling on your income. They have said, we want you to make a lot of money because if you are making a lot of money, it means there are a lot of children being nourished…

Mannatech have said that when M5M hits its target of nourishing 5 million children, there will be champions making millions of dollars per year, thousands of others making hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless others making tens of

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The choice everyone gets to make it, where do they want to be situated in that tree.

M5M or Mission 5 Million is one of the only true Social Entrepreneurial movements available that is truly rewarding those who champion this cause.

There are many social entrepreneurial companies that have taken on major global problems, however this is the only one, at the time of me writing this article, that has a rewards program that pays an incredible amount of money.

Mannatech develop unique products that no one else has but everyone wants, products that impact: Health, Weight Loss, Sports Performance and Skin Care.

So to put it simply, M5M is Mission 5 Million. It is Mannatechs Mission… A Mission to nourish 5 million children that are dying every year because they are not getting adequate nutrition. Please understand, nutrition and food are two totally different things. Nutrition has to do with Vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants etc. These things are absent in most peoples diets, especially those starving.

If you would like to help us champion this cause or would like to find out more about it, please be in contact and I will help you in anyway I can


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