What should you expect from a christian home based business

christian home based businessWhat should you expect from a christian home based business?

I think this is one of biggest questions that every person contemplating a business from home should ask.

I have heard it said that as people:

“We over estimate what we can accomplish in a short period but under estimate what we can accomplish in a long period”.

This is so true for your own christian home based business.

Many people get started in their own businesses, however when they get started they have what we would call “Unrealistic expectations”.

They get started thinking that they are going to earn $100,000, $200,000 or even $1 Million dollars per year within 12 months when they have never earned over $60,000 per year and some never over $40,000. So when you find a Christian Home Based Business, come in and get started with the correct expectations.

So what should you expect from having a christian home based business or any business when it comes to income?

First let me say that anything is possible, especially if you are prepared to put the work and time in to create the results. I believe that God is with His people, so if you are a Christian looking for a Christian home based business, you should remember that if He is for you, who could be against you…

However if you have never earned a six figure income in the past, you need to understand that there is a skill set required that you may not have at the start of your christian home based business, but that you CAN develop.

Yes there is only one difference between someone who gets results and someone who doesn’t and that is skill (I also believe prayer and faith play a big part as well, but that is another subject for another time). For your Christian Home Based Business, just remember that God expects us to build upon and use the gifts and talents we have been given, not to forget them or even be lazy with them.

If you have a talent, and I know you do, then make sure you use them in your christian home based business.

So if the only reason someone gets better results than you is skill, then that is GREAT news.

Why…because you can learn skill…and when you do, your christian home based business will explode and your income will rise.

ANYONE can learn skill…

There is no real mystical way of succeeding in a christian home based business, the real secret is skill development, personal development and WORK…

Many people are afraid of that last one, they are prepared to do the first two and spend countless thousands of dollars on them, however when it comes to actually applying what they have learnt, they freeze and don’t move any further, and even as a christian in a christian home based business, you can not expect that God is going to honor laziness. He doesn’t and He won’t.

He wants you to be a light to the world and an example of a diligent worker. If you are, yes you can expect His blessing and unmerited favour.

My secret weapon…in my own christian home based business

Although I just said above the skill & personal development are important components of success, I believe there really is one secret weapon that every christian can use, however many don’t…

It is prayer with faith!

As a believer we have access to the throne room of God. We are His chosen vessels to outward His plans. He wants to bless us, many people know this, however they forget that they need to act on that faith and revelation.

When you have a  revelation that Christ is real and that He really does want to open the flood gates of heaven over your life, you need to act, “Faith without works is dead”.

Yes I know that we do not need to do anything accept to believe to be saved, however we are supposed to act on our faith.

So stop just praying and doing nothing, now is the time to pray, believe and ACT!

Here are my points for you in developing your christian home based business:

  • Develop yourself – (Mind, spirit & body)
  • Develop your skills – Learn what you need to know to succeed.
  • Pray and believe God is going to work on your behalf
  • Put that faith into action.

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christian home based business









christian home based business





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  1. Hallo James, I've been following your emails with great interest, has bought the ebook and is halfway through. My daughter, Hendra, is already busy with Dual Networking and I will soon follow. I'm a regional director after 18 months, so hope to get my whole family on stage as RD's with our next Super Regionals (by using Dual Networking)! This is really a tool that can work!
    I'm just confused about the time lapse between Australia and South Africa. When your webinar is on, will it be about 12:00 midday with us when you have it at 19:00 at night, or will it be around midnight? They say you celebrated Christmas first, and we follow later, so it confuses me that the info that I got says 12:00 in SA is 20:00 in Australia. I would really like to do the training, but as I'm still at work I will not be able to do so at 12:00. I actually receive some of your emails at duplesdm@ufs.ac.za and some at dora@goodbugs.co.za – you can cancel one of them if you want to.
    Thanks for everything youre doing and may you have a prosperous 2012!

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