Who are Social Entrepreneurs

who are social entrepreneurs sam casterWho Are Social Entrepreneurs…The Mystical Question

As you start to hear more and more about social entrepreneurs, the big question you may start to ask next is who are social entrepreneurs.

I mean let’s get serious, who are social entrepreneurs and where do they come from.

Many people may think that social entrepreneurs are some tree hugging individual who don’t have any type of business sense at all. In fact when you ask the question who are social entrepreneurs, many people today have never even heard of the people or their companies.

Just because you may not have heard about them YET, does not mean that these new breed of business warriors are any less strategic in their business plans and marketing programs than other companies, in fact you could say they are at the cutting edge of what the community really wants and they are causing the global change that is needed. So before you ask who are social entrepreneurs and then make a decision to be judgemental, remember that Harvard Business Review said that “Anyone who is not implementing a Social Entrepreneur strategy in their business will be guilty of strategy malpractice”

These are big words with a powerful impact.

I want to highlight one man in todays article, this man has truly seen the highs and lows of business, he has become a mentor of mine and a true social entrepreneur.

He will be the main answer to the question: who are social entrepreneurs.

His name is Sam Caster.

Sam co-founded a company called Mannatech. They are the world leader in “real food technology”, which is technology that develops the worlds only supplements that contain no synthetics.

Mannatech and Sam Caster recently changed their business strategy from

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just being a public company that wants to sell great products, to a company that has the potential to wipe out global malnutrition.

Imagine a world where every child was able to get the nutrients they needed for wellness. Well this is the vision of Mannatech, and they are doing it by helping people like you and me, get real nutritional products.

Social Entrepreneurs see opportunities that others don’t and that is exactly what Sam saw.

He saw that if his company could bring the worlds best nutritional supplements to the planet, they would be on a winner, they also saw that if they had a vision bigger than everyone else’s, it would attract the right people. People who are prepared not just to make money, but to also change lives.

Sam & Linda (Linda is Sam’s wife, she is an amazing woman in her own right and a real strength to Sam) are great examples and a perfect answer to, who are social entrepreneurs.

But you don’t just need to be a CEO of a large company to be a Social Entrepreneur. There is another answer to the question who are social entrepreneurs.

You can be a social entrepreneur.

How, well it is quite simple, partner with a company that is already positioned as one and who has a program that works.

When you partner with other people and/or companies that have a social entrepreneur program, you all of a sudden remove all of the hard work of having to set it up yourself, plus you get all the benefits.

This is what we have done.

Because we have known Sam Caster for a long time and involved in his company, when Sam decided to adopt the social entrepreneur model, we automatically adopted it as well.

We didn’t need to invest the millions of dollars that Sam had to, all we had to do was go to work building our business and helping others to do the same and now my wife and I are directly responsible for helping nourish thousands of children every single month.

That is a good feeling.

So to answer the question: who are social entrepreneurs, I have to say more people than you could ever realise. It is not just the owner or founder of the company, it is everyone associated with it that makes it work and run.

Social Entrepreneurs are business warriors and you will hear more and more about them and more and more about the companies they represent.

So keep and eye out and an ear to the ground.

If this has answered the question for you who are social entrepreneurs please leave a comment, if it hasn’t and you want more info, leave a message and we will get it for you.

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