Who Are You Going To Be

Who are you going to be

Have you ever felt like you lead someone else’s life and never really doing the things that are on your heart to do or chasing your own dreams?

This happens to everyone, the only people that really break free are the ones that you see, the select few, who have said: “I don’t care anymore about other peoples thoughts about me or other peoples expectations. I know who I am and I am going to chase my dream.”

You will notice that these people have a certain air about them a confidence and the ability to attract not repel others to them. They do this because they have the courage to move forward.

The question you get to ask yourself is who are you going to be, are you going to be the person who chases their own dream or the one who lives in the fears, perceptions and judgements of other people. You know the people I mean, they are the ones who tell you, “You can’t do you, it won’t work.” and they look at you with pity in their eyes etc etc etc.

My suggestion is that you start listening to your heart and your dream.

God put that desire there, He birthed it inside of you, not to be forgotten or ignored, He definitely didn’t put it there for you to try and push it away thinking that it was not

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of Him, He put it there for you to chase and go after.

If it seems too big, then that is more of a confirmation that it is from Him.

So make a decision today to start being the person you are meant to be, the person who when you look at in the mirror you are proud of and know that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

One of the greatest shames I see is people deciding not to build a business from home because they are scared, insecure or have been bullied by family and friends not.

In our business we personally coach and support our teams to success, we can never guanratee a persons success but we can give them to tools and support they need to give themselves the best chance. That is all anyone can do. And then when you add in prayer and the working of the Holy Spirit who knows what is going to happen.

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