Why is WHY so important

I have 3 beautiful children that are growing up way too fast. They all had a stage when they were little when all they would ask was ‘why?’…over and over and over!! Small children ask the question Why? approximately 18,000 times a day!

When you start your home business and continue to build it, there is one thing above all other things that you need to have clarity on in your heart and mind.

This thing is your WHY. Why is one of the most compelling words because it makes us think.

So many people focus on WHAT and HOW but they fail to ask the important question of WHY.

To have success in your business, you will need to know your why. It is important to us because it has meaning and it drives our passion and purpose in our business.

Without a clear vision of WHY you’re building your business, it will be harder to sustain the action, commitment, enthusiasm and determination required to make money and achieve success.

Your why will help give you the focus through the challenges or when you are doing things for your business that you don’t particularly enjoy. Actually, you can place meaning on those tasks that you don’t enjoy by connecting them as necessary to your why. By doing this you will have a greater sense of purpose and passion in everything you do.

What is Your Why?

Now, I know I am asking a lot of questions here, but stay with me.

Your WHY is the strong reason for you to desire something. It is not what you desire, but the meaning and significance of those things.

For example: I wanted to work from home

My desire – to have my own home business, more family holidays and make money

My WHY – to have more time with my family and always be there for my kids, to enjoy fun times with the family, to have a sense of purpose in what I do, to have more freedom to volunteer or go on missions trips, to give to charities and missions and to not have to worry and stress about our finances.

Your WHY will often go beyond the physical objectives themselves and it often satisfies a psychological need. That is important. If your reason for doing something is just material (e.g. to own a Mercedes or have a huge house),  it is unlikely to see you through the difficult times to achieving your dreams.

Don’t get caught up in the How.

If your why is big enough, the How doesn’t matter. It will come with time.

You may not know how to do it at the time, but If your reason for wanting something is strong enough, just do it.

I had no idea how to run a Home Business when I first started but I had a strong why. I just stepped out in faith and diligently followed our proven training system.

I was faithful with the opportunity God had given me and He took care of the rest.

Here are 3 simple steps for working out your why:

Step 1 – decide what you want.

Never mind how you are going to get it – decide what you want. Be as clear as possible on what you want. Write it down.

You must have a definition of motivation that is personal to you.

Step 2 – Think about WHY you want it.

Remember these have to be strong reasons and have meaning for you. Write them down.

Step 3 – Get rid of your excuses and take action. God has put those desires in your heart if they are good.

These are just three simple steps but a lot of people get stuck in indecision because they don’t have a clear why.

Now the only question left is WHEN??? Don’t wait…start pursuing your dreams today!

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