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work from home businessWhere do you start your work from home business – Free Webinar Recording

Your Christian training on where you need to start with your work from home business.

For more than 3 years I had no idea where to start with my work from home business, however it seemed that God did and He had me doing some certain things on a daily basis that were preparing me for an amazing future.

So in this recording of our weekly christian training business webinar I take you through those certain things and I hope that help you with your work from home business and what you need to be doing as well.

As always, I will give you the bullet points below, however I believe that there is something special that happens if you take the time to sit back and listen to the words that are spoken for your work from home business. Make sure you have a note pad and pen and I believe God will give you at least one thing you need to be doing right now to prepare you for success.

So where did I start with my work from home business?

Obviously for me as it is for you, if you are a christian, it all starts with prayer. But not just any prayer, a prayer of thanks giving. You can see my example of a prayer and vision statement example on this page. I highly recommend that you read it and incorporate it.

Each day I was thanking God for the things to come that had not come as yet, the things I was believing God for and He was good enough to give.


For the first 3 1/2 years I was not doing very much in my christian home based business, however I was doing a little bit and at the same time I was analysing what I did that worked and what I

did that didn’t work.

You see I try to avoid pain as much as I can, and doing things that don’t work in home based business is one of the pains I try to avoid.

I would then make the changes I needed to make for my work from home business. These changes may have been to a script I was using, an expression on my face or to my presentation.

I continue to do this for my business and my work from home business partners, the people I work with today, so we can make sure that what we use works and gets the biggest and best results.

I then practiced what I was learning in my work from home business. I practiced on my children’s teddy bears, my friends, and my team. I knew my sales background, that if I wanted to get better, than I needed to do it a whole lot more than I was, then there were certain things that I started to incorporate that would generate even bigger results into my work from home business.

I still wasn’t doing a lot, except what I was doing in my work from home business was getting better, so I was learning an interesting fact, the more I did, the better I got and the better I got meant the less I had to do…however if I really wanted BIG results, then I needed to do a LOT more of what worked and less of what didn’t.

But what was the biggest thing I learnt for my work from home business and where to start?

Well it was quite simple… God works on our behalf and if we are prepared to pray and allow Him to work through us and in us we will see some wonderful results.

I know there are some things I have missed that I covered in this webinar, so take the time now to learn what they are because they will definitely impact your work from home business in a positive way.

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