Sam Caster Social Entrepreneur Is He For Real

sam caster social entrepreneurSocial Entrepreneur Sam Caster – The Truth Behind The Man

Social Entrepreneur Sam Caster is fast becoming one of the biggest champions for the Social Entrepreneur Revolution that is hitting the global market place.

Through his visionary leadership, not only to

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the company he founded but also to other social entrepreneurs, companies all over the world are finding new ways to impact society.

Sam Caster’s vision to take the company he founded Mannatech into a whole new dimension of success and purpose is inspiring hundreds of thousands of business owners around the world to partner with him and Mannatech and create a change for good. This change, when it happens, will see 5,000,000 (that’s 5 million) children nourished every single month, and this will in turn create millionaires in the home business arena.

How exciting is that, nourish children for FREE and through a FREE program, millionaires are created…

I had the privilege to build a friendship with Sam Caster and would confidently say he is a mentor of mine and a man I trust and value for input and direction.

It seems that Sam Caster has had to go through challenges, and if you look at some of the challenges that Sam Caster and his amazing wife Linda Caster have had to go through, you could not help but be amazed at the depth of character and purpose they have, to just keep going.

I have found that the more challenges we go through, the greater the depth of leadership we are able to handle because it draws out of us a tenacity that is required to move forward and see the vision that God gives us fulfilled.

Leadership has to be fought for, anything that is just given to us that we have not had to work towards and grow within, is something that most people treat with disdain, this would be one of the reasons why Sam Caster and Linda Caster are true leaders within the industry.

They know how to fight the good fight and allow God to move in them and in their business.

I was honoured recently to spend 2 weeks with Sam Caster and work every day on the Christian Ecourse you have access to on this page.

Our vision was to give great value and insight into what we believe God is doing in the market and how you as an individual can partner with us to create something great for your life and at the same time, change the lives of children all around the world.

Many people get confused about what to believe when they start hearing about Sam Caster, I along with hundreds of thousands of people around the world can testify to the validity of who Sam Caster is as a man, a friend and a Social Entrepreneur. Sam Caster has always had time for those people around him and brings a good word of encouragement and strength.

Just to be around Sam is an honour and you realise that this man has had the skills and blessing to build 2 companies that turn over hundreds of millions of dollars and one of them is still growing, Mannatech.

In the 2 weeks that I got to spend with Sam Caster I was able to see a man on a mission, and a man who is full of purpose.

He cleared his diary for me as we worked each day on scripts, videos, strategy and launches all while he gave input to the board, executive team and other associates of Mannatech…I learnt so much just from watching him in action and seeing what he would do in different situations.

Not only did I get to see a great business man or social entrepreneur, I was able to see a man who loves his wife and cherishes his children.

Grace, one of his daughters is a real character and loves the Australian accent, however there are just some words she finds hard to understand hahaha and Chad, his son, is a great young man who loves Australia. It seems every time Sam Caster comes to Australia, Chad has to come…You can always tell the quality of a parent by the quality of the

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children, and Sam and Linda Caster’s children are great kids.

So in my view, the truth about Sam Caster is that he is a man on a mission with a purpose given to him by God that MUST be fulfilled and even though challenges maybe thrown at Sam and Linda, they have the foundation to see it through.

They have “set their face like flint” and their hearts on God.

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